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On-boarding Process Design for Tether app 

This process aimed to add the plug-in instruction for Six different home wifi products, Wireless Router, AC5400X (a high-end product), Range Extender, DSL Modem Router, Cable Modem Router, 3/4G Router. And here, I will use AC5400X to do a detailed description.

Time:  Sept. 2017 ~ Nov.2017

Role :  UX Designer

Clinet: TP-Link


This is my work project in 2017 at TP-Link. TP-Link Tether provides the easiest way to get remote access and manage routers or range extenders through your iOS or Android devices. The design goal for this project is to give plug-in instruction when novice users start adding device and make sure they can enter the Dashboard smoothly after configuring the device.

Market Research

Mainstream Products


Easy to Use


Group 5 Copy.png
Group 5 Copy 2.png
Group 5.png
Group 5 Copy 3.png

Providing a lot of detail will increase the configuration time, and too little detail will cause the configuration to fail. All products have to decide how to filter the details.

Thinking Process

Group 56.png

Story Board

Group 58.png

Using Scenario

Novice User - following the instruction
  • Have some troubles and get help when the users are in need

    • Led problems

    • Network connection failure

    • Bluetooth connection failure

  • Do it smoothly and jump into ‘Quick setup’

General User - jumping part of the instruction
  • Do it smoothly and they could not jump the steps that directly affect the success rate of user configuration

    • Steps cannot be skipped

      • Useful information: Success or fall

      • Necessary waiting time: Scanning, Connecting

      • Decisive steps: Remove the old modem, Connect to the device’s network

      • Validation process: Material preparation to avoid choosing wrong device types, Led checking to make sure the device can be configurated

    • Steps can be skipped

      • Hardware connection process at the beginning

      • The relocation process of Range Extender

  • Have some troubles and get helped when the users are in need

    • Led problems

    • Network connection failure

    • Bluetooth connection failure

Expert User - skipping all the plug-in process
  • Don’t use “add device button” and directly connect device

Group 10.jpg


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