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Social Commercial Platform - Taoshop

Time:  Jun. - Aug.2019

Team: Alibaba, Taobao Design, Taoshop Design Team

Role:  Experience Designer

Taoxiaopu is a tool application for ordinary people to become an e-commercial

participant. We created a completely new online selling and buying experience -

Promote purchase through sharing the commodities information to social groups. It’s a new B2B2C model. The users select the product they want to share from Taoxiaopu, share the information to their friends through any kind of social media or IM app, and then their friends go back to Taobao to finish the purchase through the sharing link. The users do not need to have the commodities, they just share the information. Once there is one purchase, the sharer can get profit.


In the summer of 2019, I joined the Taobao Design team, worked as an early designer to define this new app and helped to increase the GMV of the new platform to 1 million on the special sales day. I mainly did two parts of things: User(buyer)-side design research which gave insights to the product design & Product-side design support.


User(Buyer)-Side Design Research - How to embed the whole sharing & buying circle into our product







We began the research from hundreds of posts that sell products from wechat moment. The traditional way of selling a product in the social group is annoying. It changes people’s social image.  We focus on how to build a sense of Trustworthy when sharing commodity information on Wechat moment which relies on the post frequency, content, and accessibility. Then we found out that the most efficient way for friends to make purchases is in the chatting group, so we also researched the chatting group. We discussed how to create an atmosphere in the chatting group that incites people to do the repurchase. 


For both research on the wechat moment and chatting group, we defined the goal of sharing product information, found the problems, make strategies to solve the problem, and then think about specific methods.


/Business Goal/




Pain point and opportunity

Group 5.jpg

One Proposal

Group 14.jpg
Group 21.jpg
Group 20.jpg
Group 13.jpg


Product-side Design Support - 小铺学院(Shop collage, a function that helps users to recommend commodities better to their friends)


Taoshop cooperates with the outsourcing agency and introduce a team of training instructors to help to train the users who want to be a good “sharer and retailer”. One instructor is in charge of several classes online.


Group 18.jpg
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UX Thinking

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