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Think, Feel, Relax

Time:  Jan. - May. 2020

Type:  Interactive art installation

 “Think, Feel, Relax” is an interactive art installation built with physical computing and projection mapping. People input their emotions consciously and unconsciously by holding and moving a plush-covered ball as a controller. Animations representing their current emotions will be projected on a geodesic dome of 3 feet 3 inches in diameter to create an immersive and meditative environment complete with peaceful music. People sit down under the dome to feel and communicate with their emotions. Color projections and the rhythm of the changing shapes guide people to think about and experience their current emotions.

Group 4.png
Group 9.png

Color representation is always personal and cultural-related. Here I choose the colors that have common sense and use the combination of colors. After lots of researches and surveys I choose those six color representations,


The participants like to play with the plush ball on their lap, to roll it around and pet it as if it were a small friendly animal. Beforehand, I gave testers the ball to use and asked them to show me what they would do with it if holding it inside the installation and how would each different action make them feel?

According to the result I choose four types of interactions that the majority of people have common emotions on and define the changes of the animation.

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