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Oriie - Orientation App for New Student

Oriie is an app for new students to discover orientation events: sports, music, visual arts, social groups, and volunteering events. And also helps them manage school tasks.

Time:  Jan.29. 2019 ~ Feb.7. 2019


  • Almost all the orientation happen at the beginning of a new semester. Because at that time, new students are not familiar with the campus, they always confuse to find the right place and forget the right time so that they will check their phones again and again. In that situation, information accessibility in a phone is much higher than a PC, so I set this experience as an App.

  • How to reduce the churn rate?  If it is an application for orientation and events, how to ensure user retention after the peak of orientation events?

  • Do we have a good student schedule management App now? Remind students of all the things related to school affairs, such as classes, assignments due, exams date, orientation, various events information, and others.

  • If an App can combine on-campus schedule management with student activities, it can ensure retention rate and help students to manage their in-school missions.

User Interview


To learn about the students' expectations and concerns about event selection and to learn about the student's current schedule management experience.

Question Guideline
  • Basic personal information

  • Current events finding experience: Where and how to find event information, is it easy to use or not; the determining factors of whether to go for a different kind of events; Concerns;

  • Current mission Management and Remind experience: What kind of App, what like most and dislike most; Frustrations

  • Expectations: Some detailed feature such as time countdown, category tabs, events collection and so on. 


I interviewed Seven people in total, 4 in-person and 3 through the phone. All of them are studying in the US now and have some experiences in using mission management app and finding some specific events. 

  1. Use Canvas to manage school tasks

  2. Use the iOS Calendar as a reminder

  3. Use Facebook to find events



Jacob Chen


MS in Computer Science at UC Berkeley

  1. Don't miss any school missions.

  2. Share and Go to some interesting concerts or art exhibitions with friends

  3. Find a job opportunity this summer

  1. Don't have an overall knowledge about what he is going to do for a whole day or week

  2. Incomplete information about the activities provided by the school

  1. Use New School to check class schedule

  2. Get events information from email, others, and school poster




MFA in Design and Technology at Parsons

  1. Check the course syllabus to registration for the class

  2. View the time and location of classes and events
  1. Too many orientations and can't figure out the compulsory ones

  2. In-app browser to search events is to difficult to use 

  3. Too many features in New School but never know how to use

Competitive Products

Facebook Event

Group 8.png

New School

Group 16.png



Artboard Copy.jpg

User Test

Problems Find in User Test
  1. The icons of Register a free event or a non-free event are confusing. 

  2. Mark all as read icon in notification page is confusing

  3. The original website is not an important information in event detail page.

User Interface



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