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Project 1

Time:  Jan. 2019 ~ Feb.2019

Role:  Designer

Group: Y&S (Yue Wang, Sener)

Key focus
SWOT analysis

According to our common key focus, we all have something about the culture. Then we have our SWOT analysis. We decided to set our group concept as Cultural Misunderstanding. This idea comes from my own experience at Major Studio 1 class. We I try to convey the meaning of "Color glasses" which is a metaphor of having bias or stereotype to others in Chinese culture. I found it's tough for others to understand except for Chinese students.  

Reading Response

What is ‘Visionary Fiction’?

Visionary fiction is a kind of Apocalyptic literature. It has a variety of genre, including science fiction, fantasy, horror, magical realism, alternative timetables, and  on. it helps us better understand the current dynamics and help us recognize what the future will look like. There is no definitive answer to the future. But all the ideas come from the current dynamics. As mentioned in Quantum Mechanics, what will happen in the future is happening now. So it is not a blind guess, but a step by step logical interpretation.  The aim of visionary fiction is as other kind of art, to advance justice.

Ferguson is the Future

The starting problem of this kind of science fiction is from the thorny issue in life, and it is not as sci-fi as other science fiction, the starting question is very close to life and even we are going through it now. In the novel it is only to develop it to the extreme. For example, this article focuses on the use of stem cell culture for organ regeneration and regeneration technology. If stem cells can be replicated and replaced by aging or injured organs, then humans can get eternal life. Various people in the social field have started discussions on whether to organize organs through stem cells. Aiyana is the protagonist of this story. She was shot by the police, but in 2054 she was implanted with a new heart and had a second life. She has also been assembled by scientists to give new skills. Discuss the history, current and future manifestations of the social reality we hope to create and develop.The purpose of this novel is not to let us believe in the content described in the novel, but to allow us to expand our view of the future in a perceptual way, and

Extrapolation Factory
Wheel Map
未命名文件 (1).png

This is a world that everyone has their own culture and languages. People have to use AI translation system in their body to help them communicate with each other.

People working in the service industry rely on AI translation system to help them satisfy customers' needs. If they do it well they will be very rich, otherwise, they will go bankrupt. A good cook “communicates” with his customers to decide what they want to eat, during their communication progress, their AI translation system collect data of the customer and decide their customer’s preferences. So everyone has to develop and innovate their own AI translation system to make it more intelligent and accurate to help them understanding what others are thinking about. To some extent, everyone is a geek, and they all have basic coding ability to maintain and manage their AI translation system.

And a fashion design company produces a clothing system that allows fashion designers to remotely design customized clothes for people, and made virtual clothes for them to wear.

Value Proposition

People will respect their differences better and have a better environment to show their personality. This is a world that encourages people to express and show their differences. However, with people relying on technology, people will lose their ability of feeling, perception and judgement as a human being, gradually losing connection with others. 

Value Proposition
  • Everyone has a different culture

  • Everyone uses AI translation System

  • Customize everything

  • Basic life rely on Technology


World Value
  • Nature was almost destroyed, and people change radically

  • Everyone has their own culture and language. 

  • People have to use AI translation system to communicate. 

  • Social hierarchy is determined by people’s relationships. 

  • People become naked boxman when working. 

Zine - Online Game
  • Chose a better answer for Jack to help him get the heart of the girl.

  • Help him build a relationship with the girl and fulfill his dream of going to the love restaurant.

Why we build it
  • People may respect differents more and we introduce a world that has a better environment for people to show their personalities.

  • We want people to think whether AI now is helping us or just making us gradually lose some basic conceptual ability to be a human.

Final Story - Jack's One Day

Date: 02/20/3020

Weather: Windy and Cold


7:30 AM - Jack wakes up, and then presses a button on his head to start his AI translation system inside his brain. He just lays on the bed and goes into his AI translation system to see if there is someone left a message for him. Yes, he is expecting to receive the message from Susan, the girl he wants to build a relationship with. He doesn't know the feeling of him about Susan, is it love, like or just need. What he is quite sure of is that he wants to build a relationship with her.  Unfortunately, there is nothing in his AI message box.


8:00 AM - After a brief breakfast, he selects very colorful clothes and put on exaggerated earpieces to show his personality. Recently, he is a big fan of Bohemia style. Then he goes out, the people on the street are all in a hurry, the social order looks no different from the present, but everyone dresses very differently. Look carefully and you will find that there are some naked boxmen who are driving the buses, directing traffic, cleaning the street and so on. There are no words in this world, everywhere are signs, shapes... 


9:00 AM - When entering the entrance of his office building, Jack also becomes a naked boxman, everyone in this office building is naked boxmen. And Jack begins his daily jobs. Then suddenly, the AI Translation System shows he got a new message, it writes"%&#%&(*^%" actually, it from Susan, and Jack suddenly replies"-=-===--__=--=_+-" Every IM communication is done with the AI system inside their brain, so they don't have phones in 3020.


3:00 PM - Finally, it is time to finish the job. Because people work in huge harmony, work efficiency is very high, and people can finish their work earlier than people today. Jack goes to the amusment park to have a date with Susan. It's their first date, somewhat their AI systems help them to have this date.  Jack wants to play the Roller Coaster but Susan wants to take the Ferries wheel. So they play separately. But everyone has a good time because everyone does what he/she wants. 


9:00 PM - Jack finishes his date with Susan and goes back home. He feels satisfied with his whole day. He shuts down his AI Translation System and then goes to bed.





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